For Students
For Teachers
Most students come to your classroom viewing themselves as quite ordinary. It
is a teacher's privilege to glimpse the extraordinary adults they will become.
Jan Shaffer

A Summoning Stone was written with students and teachers in mind. It offers
many opportunities for meaningful dialogue about choices and challenges with
pre and early teen students. That was the intended purpose. It is my hope that
you will enjoy the book in a setting of open dialogue and discovery. It is suited
for classroom use as a literature circle choice, a read aloud book, or a whole
class study. Educators and librarians can download free teaching tools and a
student guide for classroom use from this website. Please use the study guide as
just that: a guide. Activities are standards based and varied to meet the learning
styles of diverse student populations. In addition, Students can visit the site to
connect to the story via pictures of the setting, thoughts from the author, and
additional activities. All downloaded materials are copyrighted, but free.

In the tradition of C.S. Lewis, this coming of age allegory for middle grade
readers is written in fantasy form that will appeal to preteen readers of either
gender. It was written by a classroom teacher to fill the need for high interest,
short books for less proficient older readers, precocious younger readers, or
students reading independently at a 5.0 level. Of course, teachers who use the
book for guided reading will considerably expand that intended audience.