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For Students
A Summoning Stone
by Jan Shaffer
For Students
The Prophecy of Completion: A child with one face
and two bodies will lead those who quest for the
truth. An ageless treasure will summon the child
across time.

"The gulls circled and squawked, their raucous calls
echoing in the clear morning air. For a moment they
stopped their reckless diving and watched with
anticipation as the two children descended the
weathered stairs from the top of the cliff. One gull in
particular, followed the yellow haired stone collector
as she neared the stone he had guarded for years.
Perhaps this would be the day of fulfillment."

In the tradition of C.S. Lewis, this coming of age
allegory for middle grade readers is written in fantasy form. The courageous early teen main characters make this a book that will appeal to preteen readers of either gender. The length of the manuscript is designed to engage reluctant readers, while the action and allegory format will keep more proficient readers interested.

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